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This year has been busy with some wonderful projects. After finishing the Vinegar Cupboard last year I was commissioned to shoot another book with Bloomsbury/ Absolute Press. "The Botanical Kitchen" cooking with fruits, flowers, leaves & seeds which will be published next year and was a joy to work on. The Author Elly McCausland was the winner of the 2019 Jane Grigson Trust Award. I have also been shooting on location in Mallorca & France.

Other Clients Include -

Harper Collins

Borough Market

Graveney Gin

Royal Salute Whisky

At Home

Random Press

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the vinegar cupboard

The first book i have had the pleasure of working on and it was fantastic.

the Wonderful Author Angela Clutton

Published March 2019 by Bloomsbury Absolute Press

Reaction to the book

“Such an elegant book and essential reading if you are a food nerd like me” - Russell Norman, restaurateur and food-writer

“Fascinating cookbook” - Melissa Hemsley, chef and food-writer

“What an amazing book” - Olia Hercules, chef and food-writer

A fascinating read with gorgeous recipes” - delicious magazine ‘Hot New Cookbooks’ ( full review in March 19 issue)

“In The Vinegar Cupboard, Angela Clutton has given us everything you ever needed to know about this vital ingredient for good cooking. Her recipes are from every corner of the world and this book belongs in every professional chef's and any serious cook's library.” - Ken Hom, chef and food-writer

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Graveney gin

An organic gin made in tooting, London.

Working with the creator of this Gin, Victoria Christie.

Styling and shooting the cocktails for her beautiful website and social media.

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Events Catering company with a fantastic team of chefs.

Working together for a few years I have been doing the pictures for the new brochures.