India littly boy & Fort Shadows.jpg

India. Travelling around different places in Rajasthan, it was one of the most thrilling places I have been to. The hustle and bustle was so much to take in, combined with the smells it made your mind spin with excitement. This little boy was happily playing in a small village i visited and the beautiful shadows at Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur.

Vietnamese Chicken Salad & Lady Hoi an.jpg

Vietnam. This was a country I really loved visiting. This picture is in the vibrant Hội An. The colours around every corner, the smells of the street food sizzling away and the friendly people were inspiring. 
This is my take on a Vietnamese shredded chicken salad, delicious flavours and with lots of lime juice which makes it so tasty.

Brighton stall & Candy Floss CROP.jpg

Brighton. One of those childhood favourites, candy floss! It may have been a cold winters day on Brighton pier but it felt like summer wasn’t too far away with the sunlight beaming down.

Vietnam seller & rambutan.jpg

Vietnam. A lady selling chrysanthemum flowers & cucumbers in the bustling old town of Hội An. I also love the vibrant colours & textures from this rambutan fruit which are very similar to lychees.

White Surfer & Mussels.jpg

I fell in love with the beautiful island of Île de Ré in France. There are so many inspiring things to see. A little stroll from the house where i was staying was a beach where I can see surfers enjoying the waves at low tide.

These mussels cooked in garlic butter smell so fragrant you just wanted to dive in.

Surfing Van & wind surfer Mallorca.jpg

Whilst in Mallorca I was driving along the coast when I spotted a large group of kite surfers traversing the open waters. The array of bright and beautiful colours as they danced amongst the blue waves was a mesmerising sight. I ended up sitting for a while just watching them doing something they loved.